Factory 2014

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… Wallpapers with industrial chic

Industrial chic is a style which works with cool, aloof materials, bringing the surfaces’ textures and origins to the fore. Life is allowed to leave its mark; beauty does not require perfection. Metals, stone surfaces such as slate and concrete slabs, but also sand and wood serve as the inspiration for the rasch “Factory” collection of wallpapers. As wall decorations they convey either coolness or warm homeliness, depending on individual taste. Urban life has tears and fraying seams in its fabric, which it patches with the longing for sensuality and refuge. Modern design still cannot resist the charm of old industrial buildings, yet it combines the raw, untreated aesthetic of concrete and metal with a matt shimmer and refines the industrial effect with elegance. People want their homes to be modern, practical and contemporary; yet they also yearn for lived experience, for history. This is one reason why the industrially inspired interior decoration style is so popular – it combines these elements so skilfully. The popular industrial look has shed its “aloofness” and likes to show off its homely, personable side, a side that displays a special kind of creative chic. With the wallpaper designs in the collection, all of this can be perfectly conjured onto the wall and into your living spaces. In this way, even less architecturally exciting homes can be given the character of an urban loft which can be complemented with a retro feel or with a clear modern touch, just as you wish. The bolted metal plate design forms the extroverted highlight of this collection. Combined with warm materials such as wood and felt, it creates the link between the traces of the past and a cosy, beautiful here and now. Large-scale wood designs and 3-D sand waves create a simple, urban country-house style. The imitation of nature is particularly impressive here. Smoky colours support the effect of white-washed wood and call for a skilled mix of modern furniture, self-confident designer pieces and modest country elements. A raw concrete wall design is also available as a digital panel in this collection. This rasch style collection imbues walls with a lived reality that also enjoys the appearance of improvisation and happenstance. The Factory has taken its design task very seriously and given its wallpapers more than one new dimension.